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Say goodbye to those stiff photoshopped fake mockups!! If you're an artist or shop, then it's no secret how important styled mock-ups are for attracting customers and making sales. Let me help make your business stand out with my fresh new ultra-realistic designs that have been carefully edited so your designs will shine!

This mockup comes with multiple editable smart objects and additional shadows to help it look ultra-realistic. Additional FX included.

Canvas Tote Mockup -1

  • Mockup Templates (Commercial License)

    Yes you can:
    Can I use them as a visual template to showcase my original design?
    Can I use them to create a digital print to present my original design?
    Can I use them within a WordPress theme or website template, either as part of a flattened, wider design or showcase my branding using the mockup template as filler content within the layout?
    Can I use them for marketing my designs on Instagram or my website?

    NO You Can't:
    Can I resell the individual items that make up the mock-up template?
    Can I include isolated mockup template items within a WordPress theme or website template available for resale, wherein these items could be extracted in any way and used by third parties?

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