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Streamline Your Pattern Design Process?

Unlock the potential of your pattern design skills and achieve more with less effort. Streamline your process with time-saving techniques and expert guidance.


Are you looking for a way to optimize your pattern design process without sacrificing quality? My goal is to simplify and accelerate the way you work so you can create beautiful patterns with ease.


From time-saving techniques to expert guidance and hands-on tutorials, my community offers everything you need to take your pattern design skills to the next level.. Don't wait, start transforming your skills today!

Learn With Me!


Seamless Pattern Making

in Procreate!

Stuck in your creative process? Unlock your potential with Procreate Patterns Unleashed! 🌟 Get exclusive brushes, easy-to-use templates, and bonus lessons from Mandy, a seasoned surface pattern designer. Perfect for artists at any level, this course is your shortcut to design confidence and efficiency


Master Photoshop for Pattern Making!

Feeling stuck with Photoshop? 🎨 Say hello to 'Photoshop Patterns Unleashed,' your fast track to pattern design mastery. Guided by Mandy, a Certified Adobe Educator, you'll master Photoshop basics and advanced techniques. Get hands-on with the game-changing PatternMagic Pro Actionset and transform your

designs with a click.

1-on-1 procreate patterns unleashed (Instagram Post (Square)).png



Transport In Style

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Create With Me!

Color With Me!

“I loved your course. After one day I already had a new understanding of creating patterns in Procreate and was immediately creating better patterns quicker. A lot of the guesswork has been taken out and now I can just focus on creating!”

- Vivien Yip

What If I handed you the keys to unlock your design potential?

What if you could turn your passion for pattern design into a thriving business? What if you could create stunning designs with lightning speed, without sacrificing quality? And what if you could join a community of like-minded creatives who share your passion and drive?

Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that you can. As a surface pattern designer with a background in technology, I specialize in helping fellow creatives achieve their goals more efficiently. I'll show you how to take your patterns to the next level and turn your passion into profit.

Imagine having more time to dedicate to what you love - creating beautiful designs that inspire and captivate. Imagine building a sustainable business that allows you to earn a living doing what you love. And imagine having a supportive community of creative individuals cheering you on every step of the way.

At the end of the day, it's all about taking that first step. So why not join me today and leverage my extensive experience and knowledge in surface pattern design to take your skills and career to new heights? With my support, the possibilities are truly endless!

Working With the Best Clients and Partners


Get The Ultimate Pattern Tester For Your Designs


What Will You Get

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