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A Step-By-Step email course to make Patterns that Shine and Sell

(Even if you've never sold a pattern before)

​5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Surface Pattern Designs

  1. Identify 5 Key Areas for Improvement

  2. Save Hours by Avoiding Unnecessary Redo's

  3. Learn to see your seamless patterns through the lens 
    of a seasoned designer.


5 Steps = 5 Emails packed with actionable tips, enhancement tools and a Self-critique checklist specifically curated for Surface Pattern Designers!

In short, I've got you. Even if you're just starting out.


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Looking to create market-ready patterns?

This free email course gives you everything you need to reshape the way you see and design patterns.



Hey There! I'm Mandy

As a Surface Pattern Designer with over 7 years of experience, I've mastered the art of creating patterns that sell. Once a techie, I swapped coding for color palettes and never looked back, transforming my career into a creative entrepreneur adventure.

Balancing creativity and education, I've also homeschooled my kids, making teaching second nature to me. Through my courses, I've guided hundreds of designers to success, and now I'm here to share my insights with you!

Join me in this 5-Step email course and dive into the fun, messy, and oh-so-rewarding world of pattern design. I promise to keep things exciting and jargon-free (well, maybe just a little tech talk for fun).

Let’s embark on this creative journey together!

Here's everything that's inside:

Step 1: How to Master Composition (the art of arranging your design elements to create that perfect visual harmony)


Step 2: How to Create a Harmonious Color Palette (selecting and combining colors to not only capture attention but also express the right feelings and messages.)


Step 3: How to Optimize Scale and Proportion- The Unsung Heroes (Master these and save yourself countless hours of redo's)


Step 4: How to Finalize a Relevant Theme (Make your designs not only capture attention but hold it via your unique story)


Step 5: How to Ensure Technical Excellence (For both raster and vector-based designers)


Bonus: All of it in one place! (With a Self-Critique checklist)

Want to make sure this free email course is

“worth it” before you sign-up?

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